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paypal,Noboru Mashima,馬島昇


ORIGIN -(Total 11 songs)

1. Chiffon moon shadow
2. Galaxy dream
3. Bakushū scenery
4. Cherry blossoms and the dance of the dead
5. Syuuginsyou
6. Snow poetry
8. Blue sound
9. Invited by the moonlit night
10. Portrait of time
11. Angel prayer

ORIGIN、アコースティックギタリスト,Acoustic Guitarist,Noboru  Mashima ,馬島昇,ニューエイジ ミュージック,  New Age Music,  フィンガースタイル,ヒーリングミュージック

The concept of the album and the sketches of the songs were already 30 years ago, and the continuation is completed by me now. A New Age album that fuses old synth sounds with modern orchestral sounds.


- 2004-2022 -

Mix & Mastering Studio:Cross Current Studio

*Mixed and Mastered by Noboru Mashima

New Release (Album)


※ This album is available now

The album can also be downloaded and purchased on this site.

  (Download price: 1500 yen)

(Download price: 1500 yen)


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