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馬島昇,Noboru Mashima,アコースティックギタリスト,Acoustic Guitarist,アコースティックギター,ニューエイジミュージック,  New Age Music, インストゥルメンタル,ヒーリング,フィンガースタイル

Noboru  Mashima

馬島 昇

Japanese New Age acoustic guitarist and composer. Born in Ueda City, Nagano Prefecture.

He graduated from the Meiji University Faculty of Law.
Expressing a unique world of video music that is nostalgic and transparent, using original irregular tuning

1991 Produced 1st album "AFTER" (Special Products a Service of Sony Music Entertainment). 1995 Major debut with album CD "LIFE" from Pony Canyon (sold by Century Records)

 The songs on the album were aired as BGM for numerous documentary programs such as TBS TV "World Heritage" and NHK TV "Earth Mysterious Nature".

"Masako Shirasu's World" broadcast on NHK BS-premium in 2005-6 was released by NHK Enterprises as a 2010 DVD "Masako Shirasu's World-Kakure-sato", and many songs are recorded in it. ..

The following year, the second series "Masako Shirasu's World-Myoe Shonin, Omi Yamakawa Tae, Saigyo" was released.

Currently a freelance composer and artist.

Member of the Japanese Society for Rights of Authors of Music (JASRAC)


-Media -

TBS TV: [World Heritage] [Tokimeki Journey Story] etc.
TV Asahi: [News Station-Weather Corner]
NTV: [Zoom in super] [Tuesday Suspense Theater] etc.
TV TOKYO: [Let's stay in the countryside] [Anything appraisal team] etc.
Sapporo Television Broadcasting: [Abashiri River-Living with Our River] Later Video
NHK TV: [Earth Mysterious Nature] and many others
NHK BS Premium: [Selection of Heroes] [World of Masako Shirasu]
BS-TBS: [My Museum] [Hot Spring Heritage] and many others
BS JAPAN: [BS Japan Special] and others

TVK TV: [Cafe City Yokohama] Guest appearance
(Moderator: Motoko Takahashi, Mikako Sunaga)

NHK: Radio midnight flight

NHK: Radio (1st)

FM Nagano: Tabloid radio "let's morning"

Radio Momo guest appearance

FM Zenkoji guest appearance


■ "Touhou Fantasy Pictorial Special Edition New Fantasy Travelogue"

(Toranoana production / narration by voice actor Mamiko Noto)

- Concert -

1988-Started live activities based in Kichijoji MANDA-LA2.

1996 Moved the music activity base to Nagano.

1997 Ueda Maruko Cultural Center Concert

1998 Sanada Junior High School Cultural Festival Concert

        Ueda Municipal 4th Junior High School 40th Anniversary Concert

1999 Ceres Hall Concert

     Tomakomai Offshore Film Festival Concert
           (Attendance and appearance with Junji Sakamoto, Susumu Terajima, etc.)

         Ueda Municipal Administration 80th Anniversary "Machihaku" Outdoor Concert


2000  Ueda Sozokan Concert
          Yaruvi Hall (Koumi Town Concert Hall) Concert
          Mesena Hall Concert

          Saku Town Women's Training Center Concert


 2001 “Eco Festival” in M-Wave (sponsored by Nagano Broadcasting Systems)


 2003  Bessho Shrine-Inn Day Concert

 2007 Kitano Cultural Center Concert


                       Many others

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