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  金子 みすゞ,金子みすゞの世界,私と子鳥と鈴と,大漁 ,お魚,星とたんぽぽ ,馬島昇,Noboru Mashima,アコースティックギタリスト,清水 慶子、朗読

New Release (Album)


This album is available now

*Reading BGMThe guitar songs used are included in the following 3 CDs.

The world of Misuzu Kaneko

Poetry reading and guitar playing


Reading: Keiko Shimizu


Music: Noboru Mashima



 Acoustic Guitarist / Composer


The world of Misuzu Kaneko

1.   me and the bird and the bell  /  AFTER
2.   soil & grass   /  sepia friends
3.  Big Catch & Fish  /  Thousand Crimson - A Summer Dream
4.  wonder
5.   flower soul /  gentle wind
6.  piled snow
7.  Veal /  Blue curtain
8.  wild bramble flower  /  person in heart
9.  white hat /  from the blue edge
10. Long Dream /  Cradle
11. Stars and Dandelions /  In the distant summer
12. Lonely Time / Reunion
13. Dew & Sweets /  love
14. Soil and Grass & Tree  / Door

(Download price: 1350 yen)


Misuzu Kaneko (real name Teru) was born in 1903 in Senzaki Village, Otsu County (now Senzaki, Nagato City).

A Japanese nursery rhyme poet who was active from the end of the Taisho era to the beginning of the Showa era.

She started writing nursery rhymes when she was 20.

Yaso Saijo praised as "a giant star among young nursery rhyme poets"

I will show you a remarkable success, such as being done.

Over 500 episodes before he left this world at the young age of 26

It is said that he wrote poetry.


In recent years, the poem "Is there a kodama?" that appears in an AC commercial, and the drama special project "Kaneko Misuzu Monogatari - Everyone's different, everyone's good-" starring Aya Ueto have become a hot topic.


* This reading album is also available on this site.downloadthe purchase

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   (Download price: 1350 yen) 

- 2018 -

Mix & Mastering Studio:Cross Current Studio

*Mixed and Mastered by Noboru Mashima


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