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paypal,Noboru Mashima,馬島昇

Last Poem(vocal)

Last Poem-(all7song)

1. Cat ’s Eye
2. Message
3. I love you
4. Goodbye you goodbye me
5. Heart Urahara
6. UTOPIA (instrument)
7. It rains

Last Poem,馬島昇,Noboru Mashima ,フォーク,アコースティック, Guitarist,ニューエイジ ミュージック, New Age Music,ヒーリングミュージックfingerstyle

A work from when I was still singing with the aim of becoming a singer-songwriter in university.

When he appeared on behalf of an event sponsored by Nippon Broadcasting, the live recording was preserved in good condition, so I arranged it again and made it into an album. It's a song from when I was still singing live while interweaving instrumental songs. I stopped singing on this stage at the end, but it may have been the catalyst for my conversion to New Age.

-From 2020

Mix & Mastering Studio:Cross Current Studio

*Mixed and Mastered by Noboru Mashima

Now streaming
New Release (Album)

The album can also be downloaded and purchased on this site.

 (Download price: 1200 yen) 

(Download price: 1000 yen) 

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