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Acoustic Guitar Live

 1.  Distant Thoughts
 2.  Snow Chapter 1
 3.  Drops of the Moon
The person in the heart
 5.  AFTER
 6.  Path of light and wind
 7.  Dressed in White
 8.  Cradle
 9.  Titanic Theme
10.  red dragonfly
11. Dream Ball
12.   letter
13.   Jealousy
14.  reunion
15.  door
16. Blue Curtain

​17. From the blue edge

Acoustic Guitar Live
- Ueda Sozokan Hall -(All 17  songs)


上田創造館ホール,アコースティックギタリスト,Acoustic Guitarist,Noboru Mashima ,馬島昇, ニューエイジ ミュージック, New Age Music,フィンガースタイル,フィンガーピッカー,コンサート


Recorded concert at Ueda Sozokan Hall ('00)

Support musician is Osamu Kubota. He is also the arranger of the albums "LIFE" and "Period". I asked Mr. Kobayashi, who was a reporter for SBC radio, to be the moderator.The PAs are Kayama-san and Ikura-san, who are active locally. Lighting at GenNikkatsuMr. Kobayashi. of the concertThe executive committee is the members of the Ueda City Board of Education.At that time, ​ held a concert with the minimum number of staff.

This year was unusually full of hall concerts. thatin spite ofi ownmusicI was starting to feel stuck in my activities.Is it going to end as a local musician, or is there a way to re-debut?I'm looking for it, but I can't find a good way to do it. andfrom this yeargraduallyTomy music isfrom publicwent far away.

acoustic guitar  :  Noboru Umajima
Keyboard & Piano : Osamu Kubota

Violin : TAQ

   - 2018 -

   Mix & Mastering Studio:Cross Current Studio

   Mixed and Mastered by Noboru Mashima

       - Ueda Sozokan Hall Concert Uncut

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