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Tears of snow

Tears of snow -(13 songs in total)

1. The arrival of winter
2. Snow road
3. Dressed in white
4. Setsugen FU
5. Snow dance
6. Snow whisper
7. Powdered snow dance
8. Snowy village
9. Eagle perching on a snow branch
10. White valley
11. Snow cherry blossoms
12. The dream of the first snow
13. Snow tears

Tears of snow,アコースティックギタリスト,Acoustic Guitarist,Noboru  Mashima ,馬島昇,ニューエイジ ミュージック,  New Age Music,フィンガースタイル

An album inspired by the snowscape of Nagano.
I imagined the snow falling deeply in a mysterious forest and the snow that continues to fall violently. New Age Music with a strong Japanese flavor.

- 2004-2022 -

Mix & Mastering Studio:Cross Current Studio

*Mixed and Mastered by Noboru Mashima

New Release (Album)


※ This album is available now

The album can also be downloaded and purchased on this site.

  (Download price: 1500 yen)

(Download Price: 1500 Yen)     

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