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40th Anniversary Ceremony-Commemorative Special Article/ Newspaper articlehere

Ueda 40th Anniversary Ceremony Concert 1998



'98 Received an official invitation to give a lecture from my alma mater. It is a ceremony held once every 10 years, and I will be the fourth lecturer in its 40-year history. Later, I was invited to the principal's office. When I asked the principal if it was really okay for me to be a teacher, he said, ``The words of someone like you who has a unique way of life resonates more with the students than someone who speaks in common generalities.'' Thank you for your kind words. Furthermore, the vice principal said, ``Because of the education policy of the Ministry of Education (currently the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology), it is difficult for us to express our true feelings.As a senior at our alma mater, you can say whatever you want, so I told the students I'd like you to send me a message," he said. Hearing these pleasant words for the first time in a while, he couldn't help but blurt out, ``Now then, let's have a concert.'' It was decided that a concert would be held at his alma mater, but a practical problem immediately crossed his mind. We had to assemble enough PA and lighting equipment to reach all the students in the gymnasium, as well as the necessary staff. Concerts cost money. The school's budget was still very tight. I told them that I would be partially volunteering, and asked for help from acquaintances who work in the audio field. Everyone readily agreed, saying, ``It's about school education.'' Preparations began the night before the concert, and thanks to everyone's help, the empty gymnasium was transformed into a concert venue overnight. The gymnasium, which the students were used to seeing, must have turned into an unrealistic and different space. My fingers were like a fish out of water, more supple than ever before, and I had complete control over them. The door opens and the concert begins quietly. Unlike the guitar tones that they always hear through the small TV speakers on music programs, we are proud to say that there was a realistic guitar tone that vibrated in the air and resonated in the body. ing. Encounters change lives. The sooner you encounter the real thing, the better. Just like I was... I hoped that the small ripples of curiosity that arose in their hearts would eventually spread to their futures.

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