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Acoustic Guitar Live

馬島昇,Noboru Mashima,別所神社,コンサート,ライブ,Live,別所温泉,宿の日,アコースティックギター,Acoustic Guiter,New Age Music

Acoustic Guitar Live
Bessho Shrine - Inn Day Concert (13 songs in total)


1.  AFTER 
2. One summer dream
4. Hometown
5. Path of Light and Wind
6. Tsuki no Shizuku
7. Habu no Yado
8. The one in my heart
9.  The End of Sorrow
10. sleeping face
11. Labyrinth Hill
12. Jealousy


acoustic guitar  :  Noboru Umajima
Keyboard & Piano : Osamu Kubota

   - 2018 -

   Mix & Mastering Studio:Cross Current Studio

   Mixed and Masutered by Noboru Mashima

Recorded a concert at Bessho Shrine ('03)


The 12th concert is set in a shrine, and until now it seems to have focused on traditional Japanese music. By the way, last year it was Tsugaru Shamisen. This year's appearance was suddenly decided by me. 

On the day of the concert, there was a quiet elation in the solemn atmosphere. During the rehearsal, there was a violent shower and the rehearsal was temporarily suspended.
The loud rain of cicadas until just a moment ago had turned into the sound of rain before I knew it. The staff members are worried about the rain that doesn't stop falling. The organizers had already decided that the concert would be canceled if the rain did not stop at 6pm. This is the fate of outdoor concerts. Believing that the pouring rain would stop, I started replacing the strings with Mr. Yamane from SUMI Kobo, who was in charge of the tuning on the side of the stage that day.
Eventually the rain became a drizzle and then stopped completely.
The cicadas that were hiding somewhere began to sing loudly again. The wind... this time it started blowing towards us.
After 15 minutes, the concert finally started.
The flame of the bonfire burns up vigorously. Eventually, the smoke began to blend with the stage lighting and act as smoke.

When I finished playing three songs, the venue became silent like a silent night sea. And from around the middle of "Kokoro no Hito", I felt that the density of the venue was being condensed. By the time I finished playing three songs in a row, "Sadness no Hate ni" and the new song "Sleeping face", I felt like the whole venue was wrapped in a kind of aura.

“Something is coming today,” I said jokingly on stage, but I was actually quite serious at the time. It felt like some invisible presence with a high vibration was watching over the venue warmly. Before I knew it, I had become quieter than usual, switching guitars one after another, completely immersed in my own world. Words are no longer needed. I could tell that from the expressions on the faces of the audience.  

After the concert, when I was cleaning up my instruments, a junior high school girl asked me to shake her hand. She said she wants to start playing the guitar when she enters high school next year. After making a promise to teach  her if she passed the exam, we parted ways.


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