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Acoustic Guitar Live

 1.  AFTER
 2.   hydrangea
 3.  love
 4.  Path of light and wind
 5.  Cradle
 6.  Forest Beats
 7.  Water Dance
 8.  Autumn
 9.  From the blue edge
10. Blue Curtain
11. Full of Memories
12.  red dragonfly
13.  Phantom Ball
14.  Labyrinth Hill
15.  A thousand red leaves and a summer dream

16.  in the morning when the snow melts

17. Reunion

Acoustic Guitar Live
- Ueda Maruko Cultural Center -(All 17  songs)


馬島昇,Noboru Mashim,コンサート,ライブ,Live,丸子町文化会館,上田市丸子文化会館,アコースティックギター,Acoustic Guiter,New Age Music

 Acoustic Guitar : Noboru Majima
special guest : Kenji Nakazawa(former H2O)

    - 2018 -

   Mix & Mastering Studio:Cross Current Studio

   Mixed and Masutered by Noboru Mashima

Recorded a concert at Ueda City Maruko Bunka Kaikan ('97)


In August of this year, he returned to his hometown and held his first concert.

I wonder how many people will come to listen to the concert of an unknown local guitarist... I felt a little uneasy about holding a concert like this less than a year after returning home.

The venue is the Former Maruko Town Cultural Center Small Hall. Even though it is a small hall, it is much larger than a live house in Tokyo. For ticket sales, I asked for help from various people I met locally. If I was the organizer, I had to take responsibility for both "successful mobilization and high quality of the stage". The days of running east and west continue for the concert success. Luckily, the local newspapers took up the story preferentially, and the awareness of the concert increased considerably. On the day of the concert, the venue was filled with about 300 spectators, including 70 same-day tickets. We received a notice that the venue was over capacity and there was standing room. I was relieved to see the full audience on the monitor in the dressing room, but I shuddered with tension.

The first half is

I gave a direction by mixing poetry reading between songs. in the middle
Former H2O member Kenji Nakazawa was invited as a guest on this day. Liven up the place with ad lib talk of two people for a while. And I also participated in the hit song "Omoide ga Ippai" on the side guitar. The problem was then that I had to pull myself back into my world again. Instrumental music can hardly compete with the energy and impact of the human voice. I didn't dare to change the flow, and decided to soften the colors of the venue with a nursery rhyme - red dragonfly. After the guest leaves the stage, there are considerations to prevent the lingering sound from suddenly disappearing.

Then, the song continues to the end with percussive songs such as “Genmu butoukai” and “Meikyu no Oka”. There were various incidents, and about four songs that were originally planned were cut, but the critical moment of the two and a half hour concert ended without incident.


       ‐Ueda City Maruko Cultural Center Uncut‐   

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