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paypal,Noboru Mashima,馬島昇


Oasis-(15 songs in total)

1. Quiet sea
2. Coral tears
3. Wadatsumi
4. Celtic wind
5. Pulse of soul
6. Lira
7. Traveler of Time
8. Yunagi
9. Castle on the lake
10. Whisper
11. Oasis
12. Butterfly
13. Tears
14. For a bright future
15. Return home

Oasis、アコースティックギタリスト,Acoustic Guitarist,Noboru  Mashima ,馬島昇,ニューエイジ ミュージック, New Age Music,フィンガースタイル

A soothing guitar album where delicate sound particles permeate each cell of your body and reset you to your original self.

- 2004-2022 -

Mix & Mastering Studio:Cross Current Studio

*Mixed and Mastered by Noboru Mashima

New Release (Album)


※ This album is available now

The album can also be downloaded and purchased on this site.

  (Download price: 1500 yen)

(Download price: 1500 yen)     

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