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What's New Age Music,ニューエイジミュージックとは,印象派,抽象派,ノスタルジック,アコースティックギタリスト,馬島昇

What's New Age Music

What is new age music

 Sometimes with a flowing sound like an Impressionist painting

   And sometimes with colorful sounds like abstract works

   Color the space

While including elements of many genres such as classical, jazz, pop and folk music
It's music that doesn't belong to any genre, doesn't get in the way, and slowly fills the space.

With the theme of harmony between the mind and nature, he accepts both the big city and nature and speaks gently to the hearts of people.

In the United States, William Ackerman, the founder of Windham Hill Records, is famous.

He spread New Age acoustic music such as George Winston and Michael Hedges. The lyrical, transparent and moist melody is a feature of this label, which matches the Japanese sensibility and has an overwhelming support base in Japan.

This category was newly established at the 1987 Grammy Awards, and in Japan, Kitaro won the Best New Age Album Award for the album "Thinking of You" in 2001.

Mashima Music inherits these themes and trends
I make nostalgic and transparent music.

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